If Mice could Roar and Elephants Soar and Trees Grow up in the Sky…


cropped-cropped-img_20161015_184137445_hdr.jpgIf mice could roar
And elephants soar
And trees grow up in the sky;
If tigers could dine
On biscuits and wine,
And the fattest of men could fly!
If pebbles could sing
And bells never ring
And teachers were lost in the post;
If a tortoise could run
And losses be won,
And bullies be buttered on toast;
If a song brought a shower,
And a gun grew a flower,
This world would be nicer than most!

– Ruskin Bond


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The Simplest Things

The simplest things in life are best-
A patch of green,
A small bird’s nest….

“Nearly all my life I have been writing stories and novels, but now and then I burst into song – that is, I write a poem”

Ruskin Bond in Hip-Hop Nature Boy and Other Poems

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