“The Simplest Things in Life are Best- A Patch of Green, A Small Bird’s Nest…”


These Simple Things

The simplest things in life are best-

A patch of green,

A small bird’s nest,

A drink of water, fresh and cold,

The taste of bread,

A song of old;

These are the things that matter most.

The laughter of a child,

A favourite book,

Flowers growing wild,

A cricket singing in a shady nook.

A ball that bounces high!

A summer shower,

A rainbow in the sky,

The touch of a loving hand,

And time to rest-

These simple things in life are best.

– Ruskin Bond


What Can We Give Our Children?

What can we give our children?
Knowledge, yes, and honour too,
And strength of character
And the gift of laughter.
What gold do we give our children?
The gold of a sunny childhood,
Open spaces, a home that binds
Us to the common good. . .
These simple things
Are greater than the gold of kings.

– Ruskin Bond

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